With an impressive 78 Youth Media orgs in our Directory its getting harder to choose who should be our Youth Media of the Month – an organisation that has stood out to us as being extra special.

This month we want to shout about….drum roll….REPREZENT RADIO  a fantastic FM and online Youth-led radio station based in South London.  Reaching out to almost 350,000 young people, Reprezent is a great platform for young aspiring music and radio talent. Watch the film interview with Peter - film made by Chris Tuck (YMA Associate)

Tell us a bit about Reprezent – how it works, how many listeners, how you involve young people?  Reprezent radio is a youth-led radio station for young people  aged 13 – 25 and we are based in Peckham South London.  Check us out on 107.3 FM and online.  We can reach over 350, 000 young people daily.  We offer free radio skills training courses which then allows opportunities for young people to progress on to the radio station afterwards.  Young people also involved through social media, interviews, vox pops on their opinions from music to politics.

What inspired you to start Reprezent?   Shane Carey set up Reprezent in 2008 with the realisation that radio can be used as an exciting tool for teaching life skills and promoting creativity.  ”Anyone can get involved with radio and make their voice heard with confidence” says Shane.  Reprezent grew from a community radio project for all ages, South City Radio, and was so popular with young people that it overtook South City and successfully gained an FM licence in 2008.  Guardian interview for more details on the launch

What has been your proudest achievement so far? Securing the FM licence in a highly competitive market for the only youth-led station in London.

If you could interview anybody, who would it be?  Will Smith says Reprezent’s Creative Producer, Gavin Douglas “because he’s been a lifelong inspiration and seems a really well-rounded person  despite – or perhaps because of – going through many ups and downs”.

Why do you think Youth Media is important?  It’s imperative that young people have a voice in a society, especially where the platforms for expression are dominated by a minority that is predominantly older and therefore far removed from the concerns, interests and aspirations of the future generation.  Bringing Youth Media together is great so we can have strength in numbers

What’s next for Reprezent Reprezent is growing and is excited about having more of a presence across different parts of London – watch this space!…or shoudl we say listen to this airwave!

And, finally, the funniest YouTube video you’ve seen? Wedding dance, first http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vqiw-Kqtlr0

“I believe Reprezent – and youth media in general – is in important because it gives young people a chance to express their talent” Nicole Forde – Presenter on Lunch with TeeWhy & Nicole

To check out Reprezent Radio go to www.reprezent.org.uk


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