OH YES!!!! We are super  proud to announce Spice UK as our Youth Media of the Month – July 2015.  Two best friends Robert and Joel, (both Broadcast Journalism students) got together at Leeds University to set up a creative platform to showcase young writers and their work.  We met up with them both in East London to find out more about them and their latest venture.

Tell us about SPICE UK

Spice UK started as a radio show on Leeds Student Radio. Each week we played Afro-Caribbean music and discussed a challenging topic.  It was really popular with a really diverse audience. After two years, we were the biggest show at Uni…happy days! 2 months ago we decided to set up an online magazine using the principles that made our radio show a success – with stories from entertainment to current affairs. We celebrate diversity, good content and cross culture interaction. Spice UK Online is a lifestyle hub for young creatives, sharing their thoughts, opinions and talents.

Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 12.35.50Why did you set it up?

We wanted to create a platform where young people can showcase their work and potentially  in an industry that is so competitive. We wanted to create a community of creatives who supported each other. We liked the idea of having a space for people who were interested in a range of things. We also wanted to create a blog space for people who wanted to start a blog but were afraid of starting one and it going dead because they didn’t have the time to maintain it.

Our target audience is creative, culturally diverse 16 to 25 year olds.

How many young people do you involve with what you do?

We have just started and we already have about 30 regular contributors to the site! All of us are 16-25 years old.

What has been SPICE UK’s proudest achievement so far?

The whole journey really! When we first started we were over the moon that the radio station let us play afrobeats on our show and now to be where we are, knowing all the hard work has not gone to waste is our proudest achievement.

What’s next for ­­you guys?Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 12.41.18

Get bigger and better. We want someone putting Spice UK on their CV to be a credible experience for employers.

Why do you think young people making media is important? 

It is essential for us to make media. As youth, we can’t expect to be spoon fed with information, we shouldn’t listen to what the older generation say young people are or should be. We should explore and see the world for ourselves and share it with other young people.

What advice would you give a young person setting up youth media platform?

Be confident in your idea and people will be confident in it too.


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