We are so proud to announce YOUNG PRO MAG as our latest Youth Media of the Month! Manny Beotang, 25 has created super sporty multi media platform for young aspiring footballers. We went to meet him and his young team at the launch of his FIRST EDITION print magazine at the Emirates Stadium on July 2. We met some incredible supporters of Young Pro Mag including Tom White (Sky Sports), Freestylers, Damien Francis, Paul Mortimer and celebrity musician Daj Jordan.

Film by Sabina McKenzie Brown

Who are you?   Manny Boateng, 25  Founder & CEO of Young Pro. I am also a football coach and totally passionate about yeah you guessed it…football!
Tell us about YOUNG PRO   Young Pro is the Home of Youth Football in the UK.  We are a platform that provides aspiring footballers, their parents and coaches with up to date information, guidance and support to equip young footballers on their journey from grassroots to professional level.
We have an online magazine, quarterly print magazine and youth consultation agency.
Why did you set it up?   Less than 3% of elite 9 year olds will make it past one season of the professional game.  This is not due to lack talent, but a lack of service that is able to contribute to all the needs of the aspiring footballer and parent.  Young Pro was set up to help give advice on better performance on the pitch and help them lead a healthy lifestyle off it.
Target Audience?    14-25 years old and anyone wanting to support young players
How many young people do you involve?   We have an incredible editorial team made up of 10-15 young people aged 16-25, including writers, photographers and film makers.
How do you make money?   There’s advertising space across all  our platforms and also get some sponsorship. We run holiday camps in and around London as well. We have the support of a lot of professionals from the sporting world which helps endorse Young Pro when we are approaching brands for sponsorship.
What has been your proudest achievement so far?   Our proudest moment to date is when Harry Redknapp became our patron and said he would get involved with our content. Another huge achievement was our Launch Event at the Emirates to launch the  first print edition of the magazine and the Better Habit Better Players #BHBP Campaign.
What’s next for YOUNG PRO?  We have our annual football tournament piloting in London in August with over 400 young footballers, it’s going to be really exciting!  Young Pro is also getting its own App that will bring more coverage, interviews and global football events straight to your phone. Finally, the development of our BETTER HABITS BETTER PLAYERS #BHBP campaign.
What advice would you give a young person wanting a career in media?   Young people have a voice and using media as a channel is the key to getting our passions heard. If any one was thinking about getting a started, they should stop thinking about it and just go for it! I’d never made a magazine before, but I went to a workshop got myself a mentor and gave it 100%! Now we’re printing and launching a campaign, its fantastic.
Tell us about BETTER HABITS BETTER PLAYERS  #BHBP is a campaign dedicated to encouraging young players to have better nutritional, psychological and training habits.  All teams and players involved will complete various challenges and get the chance to win prizes from our many brands and sponsors supporting the campaign. We have a film (made with help of YMA) that will be shared online.  Eventually we want to move into schools and clubs to teach young people face to face


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"Thank you. It's been an absolute pleasure for the opportunity, and for the meetings/interviews you arranged for me - you've been a real huge help!"

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