On Tuesday we sent the lovely Amy Ashenden, Journalist & Editor of The student Journals to check out the Vinspired Awards on our behalf here is her write up.

vInspired Awards 2013 Celebrates Young People in Style

Champagne on arrival to the Awards Ceremony at Camden Roundhouse, star-studded line up and glamorous outfits, was a great way to make a fuss over the vInspired volunteers and a great way to open to an evening that was as entertaining, as it was inspirational!

Katie Piper was there to present, alongside comedian Eddie Kadi. The pair pointed out that most young people all over the UK are making positive contributions to society –However, unfortunately, young people are too often associated with negative things like violent crime.

What struck me most about the event was the genuine humility of the volunteers who had achieved so much and in some cases overcome so many adverse obstacles. Katie Piper called the winners a very “powerful group of people” that didn’t let anyone stereotype them, and said there had been a huge 54 regional winners proving that exciting things are happening all over the UK.

With the current back drop of 1 in 4 young people out of work, education or training, we were reminded that volunteering also gives people a sense of worth and belonging to a community which is so important.

The first round of national awards saw All Round Commitment to Volunteering go to Beth Carty – who has strived to help people with ADHD, after seeing her sister frustrated by the way she was being treated. It was fantastic to see these hard-working young people having the opportunity to not only win an awards for their efforts, but to have them presented by celebrities in a room filled with positivity and a crowd ready to help them celebrate.

Bringing Communities Together went to Lives Not Knives founder Eliza Rebeiro, who was overwhelmed when Will Best presented the (very heavy) vInspired award. She was celebrated for her tremendous work reaching out to young people with positive alternatives to gang culture.

NCS Padgate won the Most Outstanding NCS team for organising a fundraiser for the homeless, after a local man tragically died and divided the community. X Factor band The Risk were there to present the Best Young Volunteer award to Amy-May Knowles, who set up a charity for the rare illness her mum suffers from. At just 16, Amy-May has been helping others with the rare Complex Regional Pain Syndrome – she dedicated the award to her mum and her friend who, she said, made her realise what she’d managed to achieve.

And last but not least, four of London 2012’s Olympic Games Makers presented Outstanding Contribution To Youth Volunteering to Linda Markey. Chief executive of vInspired Terry Hall gave a really inspiring speech about the austerity and negativity outside, but the massive inspiration inside the building that night. “Young people are out greatest assets,” she said.

The Saturdays were also amazing!



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"I just wanted to say thank you again for letting me know about Reuters event, the conversations were groundbreaking.
I did want to say that I was really moved & inspired by the event, by all the talented young voices that were there. It inspired me to work expanded & going for it as a writer".

Reuben Massiah
Creative Associate, Actor & Writer

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