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Sharlene Ghandi:  ’It was really beneficial to have somebody who had gone through the whole process explain the ups and downs to us. There was a great balance between creativity and practical knowledge, and I loved that it was a really relaxed environment to learn in.’

Talia Lewis:



Journalism Training for Young People:  We have joined up forces with the London Journalism Centre and will be offering a menu of courses from November 2012.

Ethical Leadership and Creativity: Susana Giner is an accredited IGE Ethics Trainer.  We engage participants with a range of accredited and non accredited interactive training activities, events and resources based on the acclaimed work of Rush Kidder founder of Institute for Global Ethics. For young people in positions of leadership or wanting to improve decision making skills. 

Ethical Leadership elements:   
What is Ethics? – Exploring definitions and relevance in society
Ethics and Law
Who is your role model? Who are you a role model to?
Building a Code of Ethics – What are your values and what do they look like?Understanding Right V Wrong – 4 Tests to put into practice
What happens when you have a Right V Right dilemma? – Giving you a Paradigm Framework
A toolkit for improved decisions – Learning 4 different styles of decision making
Building Moral Courage – What and Who has Moral Courage & putting it in Action
The course will also develop the following soft skills:
Increased Confidence and Team working
SkillsNegotiation and Debating Skills
Increased self awareness and ability to make well-informed decisions
Increased sense of Personal Responsibility and Accountability
Increased understanding of ethics and personal values
Communication Skills – especially Public Speaking Skills
Problem Solving Skills & Development of Critical Thinking
Strengthened ethic of Social and Civic Responsibility

The time for developing Ethics has never been more talked about. Being licensed and linked to the Institute for Global Ethics in the US gives us a legacy of work that has trained over 100,000 people worldwide includes work with 100s of schools, prisons, corporate and US Government.  In the UK we have trained 1000s of BBC journalists, and young leaders at British Youth Council, Local Solutions, Vinspired, Hackney Community College, Coventry Council,

This training will prepare young people for leadership roles and to become more active responsible citizens

Media & Ethics Training: YMA are currently working with various agencies to produce a module for Media Ethics.

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Hi Susana! Just wanted to tell you I thought the event was absolutely fantastic - so enjoyable and informative at the same time, got so many contacts so will hopefully be ready for some work experience soon! Thanks :) I was even thinking of doing an assembly about the Youth Media Agency and bridging the gap between youth and mainstream media at my school - I think the message really needs to be delivered!"

Hina Khalid
16, Aspiring Journalist

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