#Presschange4youth is a National Campaign calling for fair press for children & young people.  Youth Media Agency is leading on a submission to the Leveson Inquiry with Mediawise calling  for more balanced reporting and a more accessible PCC. 

This is ‘THE STORY YOU NEED TO HEAR’ The #PressChange4Youth film – made 100% by young people – Director Emma Denise Edwards, 20 Filmed by Dennis Gyamfi, 22 

  1. ‘Age’  to be included as a classification of discrimination into the Editors Code, – as in NUJ Code of Conduct.
  2. We recommend that a new clause be added both to the Editors Code and the NUJ Code of Conduct that reflects the damage caused by generalising negatively around children and young people. ‘Journalists should exercise a duty of care and avoid negative generalisations about children and young people’.
  3. We recommend the Press Complaints Commission is made more accessible to children and young people. For example, the PCC should develop a ‘child and young person friendly’ interface on their website
  4. We recommend the Press Complaints Commission ensures someone within the organisation has trained skills in working directly with children and young people

With over 5000 tweets in support for the campaign, supported by celebrities and MPs #presschange4youth has been a huge success in creating more balanced reporting of young people in the UK.

We achieved positive stories about young people in the mainstream press including The Telegraph, The Independent, London Live, BBC, The Observer, The Guardian and many more.

We are currently working on developing a relationship with IPSO in order to help the new regulator reach out to young people and help them understand the code. We are also advocating for AGE IN THE CODE a spin off campaign. Led by Matteo Bergamini, Founder of ShoutOut UK.


THE GUARDIAN – Written by Managing Editor Elisabeth Ribbans http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2012/jun/03/youth-representations-in-media?commentpage=last#end-of-comments

British Youth Council - http://www.byc.org.uk/news/youth-organisations-challenge-press-bias.aspx

UK Youth Parliament –  http://www.ukyouthparliament.org.uk/2012/news/youth-organisations-call-reforms-press/

Peak Times Online - https://peaktimesonline.wordpress.com/2012/02/24/a-change-for-the-press/

UK Youth http://www.ukyouth.org/latest-news-hidden/item/390-uk_youth_supports_leveson_recommendations.html#.VVTepflViko

Tweet I support #Presschange4youth #Leveson @YouthMediaA

Download the #Presschange4youth speech bubble and take a picture of yourself with the statement and post it on Facebook/Pressyouth4change. We will present these to Leveson Inquiry in September 2012

Download the latest version of the Submission here

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Film by Lauren Mills – Film Student, Brighton – THE MEDIA’S ATTACK ON YOUTHS – inspired by #presschnage4youth


"I think the work you're doing is incredibly important, there is just so much energy and creativity coming from young people and I think it's brilliant that you're giving it a platform.  I'm sure that as the network continues to grow and connect youth media it will help them realise how much power they have to effect change in all areas."

Georgia Gould

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