“Our workshop with Youth Media Agency was really useful, we got to work with some VERY talented young people on some really great campaign ideas”

Laura Bates, Media Officer,
Heritage Lottery Fund

“Youth media in the UK has been undervalued for too long. Young people represent an important voice that needs to be listened to and often gets ignored. The Youth Media Agency has come just at the right time”

Lord Puttnam
CBE, Producer of Chariots of Fire

“Thanks to our friends at Youth Media Agency and their Twitter-action, we were able to very quickly identify creative recruits for our Media Courses.  Thanks again Guys!”

Wez Saunders
Training Manager, APE Media

“Thank you. It’s been an absolute pleasure for the opportunity, and for the meetings/interviews you arranged for me – you’ve been a real huge help!”

Ashley Allen
Avenue Mag, Editor

“I think the work you’re doing is incredibly important, there is just so much energy and creativity coming from young people and I think it’s brilliant that you’re giving it a platform.  I’m sure that as the network continues to grow and connect youth media it will help them realise how much power they have to effect change in all areas.”

Georgia Gould

“Important and inspiring work, as ever”

Riz Ahmed
Actor & Musician

“The Youth Media Agency is truly a remarkable organisation. Acting like a family to all youth media platforms, if you need help, guidance or simply some encouragement, they are definitely who you should turn to.”

Matteo Bergamini
Founder, Shout Out UK

“I just wanted to say thank you again for letting me know about Reuters event, the conversations were groundbreaking.
I did want to say that I was really moved & inspired by the event, by all the talented young voices that were there. It inspired me to work expanded & going for it as a writer”.

Reuben Massiah
Creative Associate, Actor & Writer

“Just thought I’d congratulate you on such a fantastic night yesterday! Was such a success. In addition, I’d like to also thank you for letting me come to this event, it was rare opportunity as I don’t think I’d ever have the chance to meet BBC presenters and reports and them offering me their business cards in case I needed any advice! As well as one of the youth magazines, Voxx wanting me to start writing articles for them!”

Shriya Akella
16, Aspiring Journalist

Hi Susana! Just wanted to tell you I thought the event was absolutely fantastic – so enjoyable and informative at the same time, got so many contacts so will hopefully be ready for some work experience soon! Thanks :) I was even thinking of doing an assembly about the Youth Media Agency and bridging the gap between youth and mainstream media at my school – I think the message really needs to be delivered!”

Hina Khalid
16, Aspiring Journalist


"The event was great. You guys are doing impressive things"

Liam Tootill
Managing Director, SBTV

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